How to Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready for Spring

As the harshness of winter transitions into the joy of spring, it is time to start planning your outdoor get-togethers!  It also means it is time to uncover your outdoor furnishings and fountains and get them ready for the outdoor fun times ahead. If you follow these few simple tips you will be ready to relax on your patio in no time!

Check your furniture. Once you have taken your furniture out of the shed or removed the protective covers, it is time to give them a quick once-over. Check for missing feet caps on metal furniture, tighten any loose screws on all-weather poly-resin furniture, and check to make sure the pump house in your fountain is free of leaves, grass, and other small debris before filling the fountain with water and turning it on. Once you have assessed your furniture, if any small, replaceable parts like feet cap are missing or damaged, stop by our store to see our selection of feet caps and spare parts.

Clean. Simply hose off or wipe down your outdoor furniture frames and cushions to remove any loose dirt. Check the cushions for any stains that might have gone unnoticed during the season. Most stains can be removed with a mild soap and water solution. Tougher stains can be treated with outdoor fabric cleaner in lukewarm water, loosening the stain with a sponge or soft-bristle brush. Make sure to double rinse the cushions to remove the stain as well as any cleaner residue, and give the cushions plenty of time to dry completely before putting them on your outdoor furniture. Bare wood furniture as well as wood furniture with a protective finish can simply be hosed off to remove any loose dirt.

Protect. While you have your furniture and cushions uncovered and clean is the best time to use a protectant if you choose to do so. We carry a full line of products that will restore lost color and provide UV protection for your outdoor furniture as well as give your outdoor fabrics a water repellent coating. Follow manufacturer’s directions when applying any oil or protective coating to your outdoor wood furniture.

Tables. If your outdoor furniture tables are metal or wood, follow the above directions accordingly. However, if you have a tile, granite, or marble top table now is the best time to apply a sealant. Follow manufacturer’s directions when applying a sealing agent to your tile, granite, or marble table top. You will know when it is time to re-apply the sealant when you sprinkle some water on the table and it sinks into the stone. If it beads up then your sealant is still doing its job. Most stone tables left outside all season benefit from having a sealant applied at least twice a year.

Getting your outdoor furniture ready for the spring takes some time, but can be very easy if you follow these simple steps. If you have any questions or if your type of furniture is not covered in these steps, please contact us at (405) 947-4100 or drop by our store and one of our knowledgeable staff will help you!


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