Care and Maintenance


1. Clean and Protect Your Furniture

     Use an approved cleaner for your frames and cushions. If your cushions are not as water repellant as they once were, we recommend you apply 303 Fabric Guard. It helps repel dirt and stains as well.

     If your furniture finish is looking dull, we recommend 303 Furniture Protectant to bring back the luster. We also have cleaners and sealers available for wood furniture.

2. Check Under Chairs & Tables For Missing or Worn out Glides

     Bare metal can scratch your patio and the furniture itself, causing metal frames to oxidize or rust. We carry replacement glides in stock, or can order what you need.

3. Touch-up Any Scratches on Painted Surfaces

     Exposed metal will oxidize or rust. Gently remove any rust with a wire brush before touch-up to increase adhesion of the paint.

4. Protect Your Stone Top Table

     A penetrating sealant should be applied to your marble or slate table at least twice a year. If you sprinkle some water on the top and it does not bead up, it is time to re-seal.

5. Protect Furniture During the Winter

     Winters can be hard on outdoor living furniture. Your best bet is to either store your outdoor furniture in a garage or shed or use Protective Furniture Covers to guard against the damaging effects of cold and snow.

     We recommend that you close umbrellas when not in use throughout the spring and summer, and store them away during the off-season.

*These tips are for general care and maintenance of your outdoor living furniture. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding outdoor furniture care and maintenance that are not covered in this section.